Shan†al. Mesh Wind Chime

Thank You for shoping with Shantal.
If you will have any questions feel free to leave a notecard to Sella Serevi

☑ If you have a problem with purchase send me a notecard with your name and transaction details.

☑ All purchases are no exchange and no refund.

✰ All items (not including furnitures) at Shantal. are Copy and No Transfer and almost all the items are Modify. The prim parts of the clothes are also scripted with a resize-menu for an easier adjustment.

✰ To make a present to your friends, open the vendor menu by right-click and choose „Buy as Gift“. Follow the instruction and the system will send the item to your friends directly.

✰ INWORLD: If you don't receive an item, declined it, destroy it while trying to edit it or just lost it, go back to the Mainstore and click on one of the redeliver terminals. Follow the menu and choose the item you want to have sent again.

✰ MARKETPLACE: If you don't receive an item or declined it, please send me an IM AND a Notecard with the following transaction details:
- Your Name
- Date and time of purchase
- Order ID
- Item ID and name of the item

✰ Shantal. don´t offers any affiliate Vendors/Systems
✰ We are not selling anything full perm!!!
✰ We are not looking for rental spaces!

..::Factory of Fashion::..


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