Scammers and Copybots announcement

Recently amount of scammers and copybotters raised up really fast, it's awkward annoying and make us all sick I think... I'm not feeling like to do anything creative in SL anymore when I know that it will be copied or stolen.
Stealing styles for making pictures or blog styles is just a small part of what we recently need to handle.
I decided to share all information I have with you readers, to make you aware of these people, and less trustful to who you don't know. It's sad but it's true and more than that, if we do not have premium accounts, lot of people has basic as me, lindens do nothing to make our life better then so it's the worst.
We get spammed on IMs, we get nicely informed about that we get copied, or we just have no idea about that we just bought item from a thief.
I'm sorry for using your Flickr links guys I hope it's not offending but as I found lot of them around lately I wanted to show them up to everyone... we need to cut it...piece of it at least!
All of those names are confirmed by my personal talks with lied or scam victims, Flickr friends and personal research.

for information about names click on them

Jeseca Kira, Kellycrowed Resident,Lady Gericault, megnina Resident, ladyloe Resident, benmen Resident, kellycrowed Resident, cca Helix ,Katie McConageu, Ashante Texan, Abbey wixon, Anastasia178 Resident

nizam resident


krystal saxena, dahlia vanbeeck


Amara Myoo, Cordelia Canucci, Jadwiga Strzelecki, Hilary1200 Allen and here


Escort Andel

Grotesque Lyric

Marie2 Cisse, Ramonzita and here


Cherrypie adored

Do not let fake people let you down!
If you want to share comment or add someone or tell about something we should know please visit here 

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