Songfeather in Goatswood

Uff... Gorean day again today! I received awesome outfit from songfeather starr who owns store called Songfeather. It has lot options for wearing this outfit, also silver/gold option. Outfit came to me along with Asian Blossom skin, Shape for it and beautiful eyes. I compared it all with the shoes from Duh! what are offered on Together for Sway event for only 30L$, so it really worth to get ones. I felt like to make a picture outside instead of my blank background so I gone to various gor places but didn't find anything cool till I steeped  by Ziki Questi Flickr and with merit of and her post about I decided to make picture here

no edited pics !

Skin: *Songfeather* Blossom skin tan (red lips)
Shape: *Songfeather* Blossom shape
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Valerie Mesh Hair - Whites Pack
Eyes: *Songfeather* Aqua Drops "baby blue" NEW!
Outfit: *Songfeather* Goddess Concord earths  NEW!
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Classic Leather Pump - Black Together for Sway Event
Place: Goatswood 

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