Sweet Serial Killer

Lana mood! I get so addicted to this song today... probably you already heard it but still love love
Well today I'm posting THE MOST christmas themed picture I will cause as you know, I hate christmas this year but Overhigh released cute red dress (like there's direct connection between red and santa stuff these days lol) it's free! so that would be a suicide to not get it. it's of course mesh in few sizes bla bla. 
Second dress is Deetalez one from The boobies show, it's one of the best brands what makes stuff for lolas, like most of clothes made for them looks nooby, shitty, workless (add your words here). I should take black one as always but I felt like dress in color so ermm yeh...
Also I was checking my inventory for some hair as I get bored of mine already and mesh stores doesn't release anything creative anymore... like for me, everything looks same but maybe it's just me. So... I've found some fri.day hair, it's not mesh, still sculpt but I think it looks better than most of mesh hair around and it's still nice to wear, not really old-fashioned! 
Izzie's Skin what I wear permanently till I get some nice skin (and that is a challenge) with lolas is still available in collabor88 in reduced price if you want ;)
Bag is old item from Dressing room by Lagyo but it just fit my inspiration for today and I love shadowing on it. *hugs her bag*
Pose is Free by TSH , Jade made cute little store with two Gift Poses and Two lucky Chairs so go ahead ;>
now! Sympatika it's new brand store what will be open really soon I think, they have made some really nice tights and clothes for lolas so sooon you are going to admire them haha.
(I'll be a manager of this store but shhh don't tell anyone yet *so happy*)
ok here you go:

Skin: Izzie's - Geanna Frostbite Skin pale Collabor88
Hairfri.day - Tatum.2 - Moody Brown
Dress: DeeTaleZ Dresses long tank top dress blue with applier for lolas tango The Boobies Show
Eyes: *Songfeather* Aqua Drops "baby blue"
Tights[Sympatika] Thighs Cross Comming Soon!
Bag: LaGyo_The Desperado bag - combo 1
Bangles: :[MANDALA] MILKY WAY BANGLEs/polly white
ShoesPink Acid Mesh Scorpion Boots - Black + Silver Studs fi*fridays

Skin: Izzie's - Geanna Frostbite Skin pale Collabor88
Hair: fri.day - Tatum.2 - Moody Brown
Dress:  Overhigh - Merry Christmas Gift
Eyes*Songfeather* Aqua Drops "baby blue"
Tights: [Sympatika] Thighs Cross Comming Soon!
Bag: LaGyo_The Desperado bag - combo 2
Bangles: :[MANDALA] MILKY WAY BANGLEs/polly white
Shoes: Pink Acid Mesh Scorpion Boots - Black + Silver Studs fi*fridays
Pose:  -TSH- Snowflakes Free!


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